overgrown landscape planting

How to add Landscape Planting Services to your existing Lawn care business

If you currently have or are starting a lawn care business adding extra services for your existing clients can make your business comfortably profitable, even in these inflationary times with cautious clients.

You / your crews will be visiting multiple homes. Take some time to observe the conditions of the existing landscape planting you are working around.

Is the planting overcrowded? Are windows of pathways being blocked? Often shrubs will be over pruned and balding in an attempt to control their size.

overgrown landscape planting

Try to casually mention the overgrown shrubs in passing and that, if they ever think about updating their planting that you could provide a new design for them with an installation estimate.

Landscape Plan services can seamlessly integrate into your current business workflow, providing a scaled plan and plant portfolio from your site measurements and photos. We will provide you with a client survey to easily capture the information we need. All materials feature your own company logo and information.

We can provide planting plans addressing hard to design sites with deer resistant and native plants.

See how a client company uses our services

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